Jessika (face_it_ur_fat) wrote in eds_hurt_others,

Ok so for those of you who aren't on my normal journal, my nana passed away two weeks ago. My mom is haivng a really hard time, and I'm trying as much as I can to be there for her, although her bitchiness sometimes makes it hard(like earlier today). But anyway that's not the point. MY mom came in to my room to apoligize to em and wanted me to go out to dinner, of course I said no, but she looked so friggin' sad, so I gave in and in about a half hour we are going to go eat. What am I gunna do? I just started this fast, and I was so excited about it. Of course all I'll have is a small salad. But salad, no matter how few calories, is still food.

I'm so weak. I need this fast, I need it so fuckin' bad. I'm a fuckin whale.

So heres yet another question for you all.

Has this type of situation ever happened to you? What do you do? and what is your brutally honest opinion of what I've done?

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