Jessika (face_it_ur_fat) wrote in eds_hurt_others,

hey im new. i promoted this community in my lj cuz i saw it wasnt too busy and i think its an important community to be a part of. ill also post the promotipn in each of my communites that allows it.

so anyway, im 16 and have been dealing with ednos for as long as i can remember. my husband knows, and im sure other people have guessed. but the most important person(my husband), is the reason i joined this community. i know it hurts him everyday to see me not eating much, hating my body and calling myself huge. he thinks im beuatiful and id give anything to believe him, but the fact is i dont. i suppose i joined, among other reasons, becuase i needed people who understood the pain i go through just knowing how much my ED upsets him. im scared hes going to leave me one of these days, even though he swears he never will. on the other hand im scared hes gunna find someone with the perfect body and leave me too, although deep down i know that will never happen. so yea, thats my situation simplifed. i look forward to being a part of this community, making friends and reading everyones posts.
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