bietan_jarrai (bietan_jarrai) wrote in eds_hurt_others,

Hi, Im new

Im new to the community, I wanted to say Hi and leave some writing here.

I got on a fight with my bf last saturday cos, while I was getting ready to go out, I kept coming back to him to ask if that or that t-shirt make me fatter/thinner or if my make up was ok (am im wearing too much mascara? should I....?). He was fed up of me needing the opinion of others about everysingle bit concerning to my look. He said, hey you always look great for me so please just try and get your own opinion. I ended without makeup and not feeling really secure about myself.

Another everyday issue is food. I keep on asking him: can i eat this? have I eaten too much? do i look thinner?

I think ppl with EDs can get really annoying sometimes and i think is natural that "normal" ppl get fed up sometimes and just give up on us.
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